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Providing Affordable Electricity To All

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About Us

We are a leading turnkey engineering, procurement and construction company, providing high quality solar installations and savings thousands every year for homes and businesses through clean renewable energy.

Our simplified turnkey solutions, from efficient installation to streamlined commissioning processes to superior asset management, brings the power of solar within your reach.

Why choose Solar?

Consistent supply of electricity is a basic requirement whether it is for hindrance-free education, seamless business operations or reducing maintenance overheads. Soaring electricity bills, increasing power outages and deteriorating environmental conditions, make solar energy the most viable and long-term solution.


With our comprehensive, customised and innovative solar solutions, you get secure, cost-saving and reliable renewable energy that allows you to focus on protecting our nation, building our communities, and enriching our future.



As the cost per kWh of energy from municipal power grid continues to rise each year, many homeowners are seeking long-term alternatives to reduce their energy bills. Solar energy is a great alternative to drawing power from the electric grid, and saves homeowners substantially in the long run while also benefiting the environment.

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Part of running a successful business is keeping operational costs as low as possible so that you can maximize your profit. This includes having a smart energy solution that allows you to predict and minimize the expenses for electricity. A solar PV system is just such a solution.

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Non-profits exist to do good in the world. Whether it’s a food bank, place of worship, or a community centre, these organizations offer vital help to specific groups, certain communities, or other parties in need.

Although they are fulfilling their missions, saving the environment should also be a priority. Going green through solar installation enables non-profits to cut CO2 emissions and energy costs. The results are more finances to pursue your calling and a cleaner environment.

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India with abundant sunshine and a unique confluence of supply and demand situation, is an ideal location to combine solar with energy storage systems (ESS).

Solar panels can make energy only when the sun is shining. That’s why the ability to store solar energy for later use is important: It allows the flexible use of energy at different times from when it was generated. It can improve power quality by matching supply and demand.

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With our customers, we are creating a planet run by the sun.

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