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What are the benefits of adding a solar battery to your solar power system?

Whether you're thinking about installing a new solar power system, or you’ve already gone solar, energy storage can help you leverage the full potential of your solar panels.

By storing the excess energy your solar panels produce, solar-plus-storage provides a reliable, low-cost power backup option so when the sun goes down, the clouds roll in, or the lights go off in your community, you always have power on hand and savings in store.

There are a variety of solar battery benefits that many consider when deciding to integrate energy storage into their solar power system design:

Energy Independence

Perhaps the ultimate reason for why you might want a solar battery installation. Solar energy storage technology enables you to have more control over where your energy comes from, how it gets used, and what you can do with it.

Improving Reliability

Solar and storage can provide backup power during an electrical disruption. They can keep critical facilities operating to ensure continuous essential services, like communications.

Firming Solar Generation

Short-term storage can be used to ride through a brief generation disruption from a passing cloud, helping maintain a “firm” electrical supply that is reliable and consistent.

Reduce Demand Charge

Batteries can be used to shave peak usage hours by self-consumption of solar-generated energy stored in a battery instead of importing electricity from the grid.

Increase Your Savings

Energy storage can help maximize the financial savings you get from solar if you don’t have access to one-to-one net metering by allowing you to draw power from the battery instead of the grid. Thus consuming more of the solar power you produce on site.

Environmental Impact

By increasing the energy-producing potential of your solar PV system, you can reduce your fossil fuel usage even more, reducing your environmental carbon footprint, and supporting technologies that will help continue the international drive towards a better climate future.

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