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Places of Worship


Churches, Mosques and other places of worship are designed to accommodate a large number of individuals. But big indoor spaces mean high power requirements for lighting, heating, and cooling — and high electricity bills.

That’s why religious institutions are seeking to reduce their operating expenses without cutting services to their congregation and community. Turning off the lights and unplugging equipment between services can help, but only to an extent.

The Need For Solar

The good news is that the large size of church buildings and other houses of worship actually presents a shining opportunity: lots of space for solar panels!

Let’s explore the various ways in which solar benefits religious institutions;

By installing solar panels, your building will generate its own electricity. Instead of receiving power from the grid, you'll get it from the sun. You will also be able to store the power for later use.

When your religious place installs a solar power system, it can set the precedent for huge social change and clean energy into motion. You'll inspire members of your congregation to go green as well as encourage other businesses and organizations to switch to renewable energy sources.

When people feel that your congregation cares about reducing the carbon footprint, they're more likely to support your outreach events, make donations, and partner with you in charity events.

Installing solar panels will save you money on utilities, freeing up your operating budget for other essential community welfare projects.

The more money you can free up from the operating budget, the more you can invest in making your community and surroundings better.

Interested in making a simple yet significant impact. Install solar panels and experience the many solar power benefits.
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