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An Investment As Sure As The Sun

Stable investment that provides attractive financial returns.

The Sun's energy potential is tremendous. Investors who understand it take advantage of the opportunity to invest in solar power project, thanks to its unique value proposition:

How It Works

Solar PPAs (Power Purchase Agreement), a model whereby a host agrees to purchase the electricity generated by a solar array financed and built by an investor. The investor takes tax credits and other incentives available for the solar equipment, and sells the power generated by the solar equipment to the host, generally for a rate lower than the local utility.


After an agreed upon term, the host will have the option to purchase the system at a fair market value – or they can continue to purchase the power from the investor. Meanwhile, the investor earns a return on their investment in the form of federal and state incentives, and electricity payments from the solar host.

Our Process

RF ENERGY aggregates our highly-qualified, mission-aligned solar hosts and packages solar construction projects as impact investments. The unique win-win is that investors get a competitive return-on-investment, while making a positive impact on the planet, and the hosts receive the benefits of clean energy without upfront cost.

  • Identifies non-profits, schools, and institutions with viable locations for solar and organizes opportunities into investment funds.

  • Identifies qualified investors for each fund, and develops financial framework that offers investors a competitive ROI and savings to the hosts.

  • Host accepts, RF ENERGY builds the solar projects, and host starts benefiting as soon as their project is turned on.

Investors earn a competitive rate of return through payments made for solar

generation, tax incentives, and other project benefits.

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