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Solar EPC

Providing end-to-end solar solutions

One of the major benefits of working with an EPC company, the entire solar process is completed under one contract. Therefore, there is only one bill to pay. The process of going solar is more streamlined and straightforward. This means less of your time is consumed in the process and you experience a greater peace of mind with having a single point of contact throughout the whole process.


Our Engineering, Procurement and Construction services delivers high quality projects with the best LCOE. Our commitment to excellence will help to ensure your project is delivered on time, on budget and with exceptional performance.

Our scope of work includes;

  • Examining the site to understand its generation capacity and the type of solar PV system for installation.

  • Designing the layout to plan the setup of the solar PV system which includes panels and other components.

  • Procuring components for assembly based on the designed layout and customer’s requirements

  • Assembling and installing the solar system components and designing an approach pathway for maintenance and repair purposes based on the designed layout.

  • Handing over the system to the customer with proper training on how to use and maintain the system to avoid high maintenance costs or system failure in the future. 

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